This is my rad music page. I'm into all sorts of genres. Throughout this page, you'll find playlists of a wide variety. The playlist on the homepage is inspired by music that was popular when I was in highschool, 1994-1998. Below are a few more, like my favorite album of 2019, Willow's self-titled release.

The next playlist below, is a playlist I found that features the music of Giorgio Morodor. This composer has created some of the most well-known 80's tracks in movie and pop music history. His work includes the Neverending Story Soundtrack and Score and Blondie's hit single, Call Me, from the movie American Gigolo.

Last up, is a compilation album by Everything But The Girl, a 90s group. The neon picture at the top of this Music page is inspired by their heartbreaking hit, Missing (Like the Deserts Miss the Rain). The song is haunting and beautiful, as is their music. I hope you enjoy it!