Fun Stuff


Here's my super fun stuff Vaporwave inspired page. If you want more Vaporwave fun, visit Genre as a method: The Vaporwave Family Tree. Vaporwave is a genre of music and aesthetic. It has an 80's electronic feel and there are many subgenres of Vaporwave music. The imagery is reminiscent of 80's neon signs, palm trees, and space age looking cars.


I have been listening to Vaporwave a lot lately. There is some that sounds like 80's grocery store music. The heavy saxaphone and chillwave artists have some of the best tracks, like Dan Mason. I find it to be great background music for studying, which is a plus.

There are some great examples of Vaporwave in pop culture today. The movie Drive, with Ryan Gosling has a Vaporwave feel, including the soundtrack. The artist Kavinsky is on the ultra Vaporwave score. AEW Wrestler, Joey Janela, one of my favorites is influenced by Vaporwave, especially in his style of clothing. I hope you've enjoyed visiting my site and you learned something new!