Creative Projects


This is my Creative Projects page. My fashion and lifestyle blog, Moda Muse is linked below. This blog is dedicated to rockin' fashion ideas and living life with an overall attitude that shouts rock and roll. You'll also find a link to Moda Muse IG.

Next you'll find a link to the MC Homeless and Chris Conde music video, Dead Rappers that I helped produce. The special effects, wardrobe, and makeup were done by myself and a team of FX experts. It's got a horror and DIY aesthetic. If you are squeamish, this may not be for you.

Last, I've included an example of my gig flyer work. My favorite flyers I've created are inspired by my favorite films. This one is inspired by the Tarantino written film, True Romance starring Christian Slater and Patricia Arquette. I've done Suspiria and Blue Velvet inspired flyers too.