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Hello, my name is Leigh Kessel. I enjoy working on creative projects in my free time. I'm also studying PR at Texas State. As a senior, I will graduate in May of 2020 and I'm excited to finish up school and continue my career.

Currently I'm a copywriter and creative strategist at We are a marketing agency based out of Austin, TX and London, UK. I've enjoyed working with the close knit team. My favorite projects are writing scripts and bouncing ad ideas to the video and animation team.

In my spare time I work on various creative projects. I run a fashion and lifestyle blog called Moda Muse. I've done special effects, makeup, and wardrobe for my boyfriend, rapper MC Homeless. Additionally I create gig flyers and promotional materials for artist friends. It's really fun to shoot headshots and portraits for the artists, as well as fashion photography for the blog. I hope you enjoy seeing some of my work throughout this site.

Favorite Food Favorite Music Favorite Visual Artists
Wings Cocteau Twins Andy Warhol
Sushi Miley Cyrus Henri Matisse
Crispy Tofu Beatles Nikki S. Lee